No matter how broken you feel, you are still beautiful!


I wish I could say that every day of my life has been spent in courage, but I can’t. I wish I could say that I have always felt whole, but I would be lying. And I really wish I could say that my faith has always been Abraham strong, but I would be misleading you there too. What I can say is that my fear, brokenness, and doubts are nothing but smoke against the powerful grace of Jesus. What I can say to the hurt and all the pain today is “Bring it On!”

Through my many years of leading women through the disruptions in life, the Holy Spirit has taught me to be bold in my own disruptions. Loss, grief, insecurities, and attacks from the enemy are crippling at times. They can impact our mind, our heart, our bodies, and most importantly our spirit. I can be the first to say that I have missed the mark many times. In these moments, I have learned to set my eyes on my Heavenly Father and this book is the result.

Jennifer Strickland Endorsement

Bring it On! challenged me to my core. Would I be willing to embrace my grief and believe God had a greater purpose for my brokenness, or would I allow these trials to take me down? Because of Jen, I am believing for more. I won’t back down. I will say with all my heart, “Bring it On!” not because of my strength, but because of Christ’s victory on our behalf.

– Jennifer Strickland, speaker, founder of, and author of Girl Perfect, More Beautiful Than You Know, and Beautiful Lies.


My heart is for you to join me on this journey of renewed hope. Breathe in the very fact you are able to remove the unneeded mask keeping you from your authentic, beautiful self! That’s right friend. Let’s get free of everything keeping us from being real with one another so we can be real with GOD.

Do you know he has our number? He knows our innermost thoughts, yet we even try to mask ourselves before him? My story is not new to some. Most of you have experienced extreme heartache and loss. But what is needed more than anything today is someone to shoulder life with you. Someone who will get down in the pit, where most refuse to go, and war against the things determined to destroy us.

I want to inspire you to take action in your own life, even in your darkest moments of grief, betrayal, shame and fear. I have moved my way through many mistakes. I like many of you, have filled the void in my heart with unhealthy coping skills, which has led me down destructive paths. It wasn’t until I began to seek healthy ways to persevere, I was able to unmask, unveil and unleash, what God had in store for me. Ultimately, my amazing discovery is why I am here to help you do the same!


Ladies I am so excited about sharing this book with you. Here are ways women are saying unmasking my journey has helped them –


"This women’s study is unlike any other I've participated in. It was thought provoking and led me on a journey that continues to this day. I have forgiven those who have caused me pain and have begun a loving relationship with myself that I do not believe would have happened otherwise. I encourage anyone who is battling back from an abusive relationship to get into this study and prepare to look at life differently"


“Jen Morgan’s “HeartWork” truly saved my life. Just when I thought I was down and out with nowhere to go, Jen and her women’s study helped me dig deep within myself and become stronger than I ever dreamed I could be. Thank you, Jen & HeartWork”


“This was by far the most incredible class I have ever had. Finally tools that helped me get closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will never forget Jen and her teachings.”


“When I first learned of HeartWork, I didn’t know how much I needed it. I was broken and devastated by divorce. God put this into my life at just the right moment. The group was the highlight of my week and kept me going. To this day I still look back on my notebook. I can’t emphasize enough the joy that HeartWork brought into my life.”


“Being a part of HeartWork was wonderful. I loved knowing that I wasn’t alone in how I was feeling and felt at ease sharing my thoughts as I knew the other ladies in the group wouldn’t judge me. I left feeling lighter and relieved knowing that I had tools, learned through Scripture and journaling which I could use to work through my struggles”


"I highly recommend participating in The Heartwork Women's Ministry Study because it is very well balanced in offering many different aspects from individual reflection time to dig to the core of our spirituality on several sensitive topics, hands on Bible time; looking up and meditating on scripture verses, prayer partners/group texts/ social media page to feel constant support, prayers & a little extra love from Jen and the group during our journey, but most importantly to me was our group discussion time led by Jen who spoke with honesty, vulnerability and wisdom in sharing her journey and real life experiences. This allowed the group to feel safe and comfortable to share their deepest thoughts and feelings on real life "stuff". Additionally, Jen provided tips and tools to encourage us to integrate in our lives and put the "words into action" and really work on making positive improvements in our lives and outlook so we can, in turn, be a beacon to others and ultimately serve Our Lord through our path of life."


“I have participated in HeartWork twice now. I have been in completely different places in my life both times and it benefitted me differently each time. Jen and her study have truly opened up my eyes to things I many not have seen otherwise. I have been able to work through underlying issues and figure out how to progress forward in a way that works for me. Thank you, Jen Morgan for speaking your words and helping my heart heal.”


“I have done two women’s studies with Jen and with each one she’s always so articulate and shares her experiences with the group and really pushes us to dig deep in our faith. <br><br>I feel like both times I have walked away with a stronger understanding of my faith and what I need to do to continue growing.”


"I have forgiven those who have caused me pain and have begun a loving relationship with myself that I do not believe would have happened otherwise."